Drinking and Drawing

Every Tuesday at 6pm


If adult coloring books have taught us anything, it’s that a nice doodle can do a lot to distract from a day of grown up stresses. That's why we're hosting a new event called Drinking & Drawing, mixing cocktails and a little artistic escapism.


Come in for a sando and a cocktail, sit down with your most or least artistic friends, and let your creativity go crazy. 


We'll have all the supplies you need and some prompts to keep you on your toes.


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"It’s not an old-school deli in the same vein as Manny’s or The Bagel. Aesthetics aside, neither of those venerable restaurants serve craft beer, or craft cocktails..."  READ MORE


"The savvy restaurateurs who brought you Dusek’s and the Promontory have leaped to the rescue of that most neglected of eateries: the office-lunch sandwich joint." READ MORE

"For lunch, expect a range of sandwiches with homemade deli meats. After work, there will be share plates, charcuterie and a full bar. We're expecting something of an irreverent vibe; after all, the tagline for the restaurant is "Because Life is Too Short for Sh*tty Sandwiches." READ MORE



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